Fri, 19-Nov-2021 to Sat, 31-Dec-2022

Should you wish to make a donation towards our Chapters Charity Drive, no matter how big or small, every donation is welcomed with open hearts. 

The chosen Charity events will be shared with the chapter through out the year

Sat, 04-Dec-2021

This presentation introduces you to H.O.G. ROC’S staggered-formation pack riding protocol

This presentation covers:

* safety gear

* pack formation riding

* responsibilities of Marshals in the pack

* responsibilities of the Riders in the pack

Sat, 19-Mar-2022 to Mon, 21-Mar-2022

To kick 2022 off our L.O.H.® has planned a fantastic 2 nighter down to the coast for our annual Ysterperd Rally. 

You don’t want to miss out on this one, so book it in your calendar now. Details will follow soon.

Sun, 31-Jan-2021 to Sat, 01-Jan-2022
Sun, 31-Jan-2021 to Sat, 01-Jan-2022

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