Ladies of Harley

A Warm Welcome to Adelle Terblanche

as our new Ladies of Harley Captain.


There is something to be said for the wind in your hair,

shiny chrome and the strength of steel.

The roar of a mighty engine and the smile on a Woman’s face, as she enjoys the taste of freedom that only a motorcycle can invoke..... 

Welcome to Ladies of Harley!


We are a group of dedicated women who are all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, promoting activities and adventures within our local H.O.G. chapter.

The members of Ladies of Harley are passionate about making a difference and they organise meetings and sponsor numerous activities which are enjoyed by both the ladies and the gents of H.O.G.

They are key players in welcoming new members and encouraging participation from women (riders and pillion) in all chapter events and in helping women feel comfortable in this predominantly male environment.

The “gentler sex” can be powerful when setting their aims and goals, rallying around and satisfied on a job well done!

This is our group Ladies. Let us gather, get involved, get committed and show the world what being a Lady of Harley is all about!

Calling all the Ladies.

Come and join our dynamic team and together -  Let us Make a Difference!